License and Manufacturing

Banyan Energy enables a do it yourself (DIY), licensing-based pathway to solar module production. Banyan has done the design, licenses the innovation to you, and you handle the manufacturing and sales. Companies new to solar production can hit the ground running with a proven architecture and simple manufacturing. Existing solar manufacturers can minimize R&D investment, lower operating costs, and improve margins. Project developers can benefit from low-cost, high-return solar installations enabled by Banyan’s simple, innovative solution.

  • Offers a path to PV module manufacturing costs of 30 cents per watt or less.
  • Provides rapid production capacity expansion for very low capex investment.
  • Simplifies assembly process, utilizing modified standard manufacturing equipment.
  • Eliminates module lamination, the most expensive and lengthy process in the assembly process.
  • Enables simple, regional manufacturing, satisfying local content requirements at industry-leading cost savings.
  • Benefits from global supply chain.
  • Facilitates development and construction of profitable, utility-scale solar plants with low operations and maintenance costs.
  • Presents an ideal PV solution for high-temperature and challenging climate regions.