Breakthrough Optics Technology

Banyan Energy’s innovative waveguide optics technology—OptiwaveTM–dramatically reduces module cost by replacing cell area with low-cost concentrator optics. The optics-based architecture is designed into a module with the same footprint as standard silicon modules. In arid, high sun areas, the Optiwave modules will deliver lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and better internal rates of return (IRR) compared with traditional modules.

  • Straightforward design results in simple, low-cost manufacturing process.
  • Power output from each monocrystalline silicon solar cell increased by 5X.
  • Only uses 20% of amount of cell material compared to traditional silicon PV modules.
  • Standard module form factor allows field design and implementation with standard trackers and BOS components.
  • Frameless module design reduces soiling and O&M costs.Optiwave Poster[2]

Banyan is a pioneer in aggregated total internal reflection (ATIR) waveguide technologies. The company has 12 issued and 25 pending patents embedded in its module designs.

Download our data sheets for Bristlecone 300 >> and Monterey 300 >>.