Banyan Energy has developed innovative optics technology -OptiWaveTM – to dramatically reduce module cost by replacing cell area with low-cost optics.  The company has integrated the optics technology into a module designed in the same footprint of standard silicon modules, but in high sun areas will deliver lower LCOE and better IRR compared with traditional modules.

The Banyan Energy modules are being made available globally through licensing partnerships.  With a license from Banyan module manufacturers, contract manufacturers, developers, and others can  produce these cost optimized modules without investment in R&D, testing, and manufacturing development.  With a Banyan license all of these activities are complete.  The licensee simply has to bring up production in a local factory and can then begin manufacturing leading modules at a low cost.

Banyan’s OptiWave™ technology increases power output from each cell by 5-10x, enabling manufacturers to produce modules with high power output using a fraction of the number of cells. By retaining the standard module form factor, OptiWave™technology leverages existing infrastructure: the same cells, manufacturing processes, and system integration practices that dominate the industry today.

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